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Family disputes are enflamed by economics, personalities, differing opinions, and competition. If left unaddressed, they cause family members to drift apart, and supportive strength corrodes into a quagmire of instability and pain. Mediation helps families to identify and to pursue productive ways to resolve these primary causes of disputes.


Family disputes are often exacerbated by the challenges of aging. Money issues, spousal and care issues, loss of affection and patience, and mental decline issues are common. Particularly disruptive are different opinions on who “deserves” what from the estate and why they “deserve” it when the parents pass.


Business disputes are as complex as family disputes. Poor performance, unclear, unproductive contracts, and other “dollars and cents” issues. Just as in family disputes, emotions distort the conflict beyond well calculated ends and may require similar approaches to resolve them. Put the past in the past. Separate and prioritize the emotional and technical issues. Build a plan to resolve them out of court.



Families, businesses, HOAs, home and vehicle repairs, local stores, ex spouses, all need Mediation. Everyone has disputes over common issues. Everyone needs a mediation process sometime in life.

In summary, mediation is a wise option to resolve conflict, to avoid alienation, and to avoid court. One should carefully consider mediation to move forward to emotional and economic dispute resolution.